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Nat Turner Burners 

Preacher, Nat Turner was enslaved in Southampton county, VA, when he received a sign from God on August 21, 1831 to rise against his oppressors. He led a revolt against enslavers to secure freedom for himself and enslaved people like him. He sparked flames that inspired the movement of ending forced American enslavement.


Are you a Nat Turner Burner? Do you follow the righteous path towards freedom and justice against any opponent that comes your way?


Tubman Trackstars 

Harriet Tubman took matters into her own hands when she decided to free herself from forced enslavement. Her miles to freedom multiplied when empowered others by helping them to do the same. She took multiple trips behind enemy lines to ensure freedom for others along the Underground Railroad. With her cunning wit, she never lost a passenger and helped ensure freedom for all enslaved Americans through her participation in the Civil War.


Are you a Tubman Trackstar? Are you empowered to not only reach your goals, but take the extra steps to help your team get to the finish line?


Peoples Panthers 

The Black Panthers believed in all power to the people. Founded in 1966 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, the Black Panthers worked to eradicate the oppression of Black people in America. Their 10-point program highlighted their demands while they created some of the first social programs to uplift underserved communities in the country. The Panthers realized that we are our greatest resource and the need to organize for a common goal.


Are you a People Panther? Do you organize to help your team identify and meet their goal?


Maat 42 

Maat is the goddess of truth, justice and righteousness. Recordings from Kemet (ancient Egypt) as early as 2680 BCE depict Maat with outstretched wings. She holds the scales of balance to determine if the recently deceased can pass into the afterlife. Comparable scales are now used in a similar fashion in courtrooms today as symbols of justice. Maat also presents law in what has been called the 42 Negative Confessions. 10 of which have been repurposed in the Torah as the ten commandments.


Are you Maat 42. Do you lead with truth, justice and righteousness?


Garvey Black Stars 

Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. created the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) to inspire, organize and unite Black people around the world. Garvey stressed racial pride, self-improvement and financial stability by creating businesses and his esteemed Black Star Line, a shipping line with a goal of connecting Africans and African Americans. Garvey’s Pan African pride continues to unite Africans around the world under the Red, Black and Green Pan African flag.


Are you a Garvey Black Star? Do you promote pride, independence a freedom?



The Zulu Nation hosted some of the fiercest warriors. Uniting many groups from southern Africa, King Shaka created a brave force capable of destroying the most advanced armies. Their courage outperformed their enemy’s weapons. Their skills outmaneuvered their enemy’s pride. Branded in bravery and brilliance, the Zulu are revered around the world.


Are you Zulu? Are you sharp enough to outthink your opponent regardless of how advanced their skill?


Toussaint Rebels

With their massive army and advanced weapons, the French overpowered the island of Haiti, forcing the enslaved to work in deadly conditions. The Haitian rebels decided to seal their own fate when Toussaint Louverture led the most successful revolt in history. Defeating the French army and declaring independence for the people of Haiti, the rebels fought their opposition even when it seemed they couldn’t win.


Are you a Toussaint Rebel? Do you fight til the end even when it seems like you won’t win?


Olmec Natives

The Olmecs were the first major civilization in Mexico. Standing 5 -12 feet tall and weighing an average of 8 tons, 17 colossal structures were left by this civilization to alert us of their presence. Believed to be the first group to convert rubber for human use, this civilization thrived in the Americas more than 3 millennia before the destruction of Christopher Columbus.


Are you an Olmec Native? Can you build greatness without the approval of others?


Moorish Knights

The Moors were an Islamic group from the North African and Middle Eastern area. In addition to their religion, they took their advanced knowledge of science and math as they traveled world. Upon their invasion of Spain, the Moors helped modernize Europe with public wide use of the use of public libraries, public baths and massive paved roads.


Are you a Moorish Knight? Can you lead your team out of darkness and into enlightenment?


Kemet Herus

Before the Greeks renamed the zenith of civilization, Egypt, its people once called it Kemet or the Black land. One of their most ancient religious deities was Heru. Heru was the son of Ausar and the virgin mother, Auset. He was the son of God who avenged his father’s death against his evil uncle, Set. The ancient, symbolic victory of the hero Heru, reminds us that good will always prevail.


Are you a Kemet Heru? Do you remain good in the face of evil?


Dogon Starseed

From Mali, West Africa, the Dogon are of an ancient group who have been able to preserve their culture for thousands of years. Known for their elaborate masks and religious traditions, the Dogon stunned western astronomers when they learned of an unseen star, Sirius B. The Dogon have successfully tracked this star for thousands of years, while western technology wasn’t aware of its presence until the nineteenth century.


Are you a Dogon Starseed? Do you move forward with your truth, without the need for outside validation?


Mansa Musa

As ruler of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa I was the first Muslim ruler in West Africa to made the 4,000-mile journey for his pilgrimage to Mecca. He was joined by an entourage of thousands of escorts. Hailed as the richest man in the world, Mansa Musa I made generous donations to the poor, charities and rulers of other nations that he traveled through. He gave so much gold during his stop in Cairo, that value of gold briefly declined within the city. Upon Mansa Musa’s return to his homeland, he brought scholars and architects who helped improve the landscape, infrastructure and economy of Mali. The temples of Timbuktu were built under his rein and remains an important feature within the city today.


Are you a Mansa Musa? Does greatness follow in your footsteps?